Is Antivirus required for my computer?

Antivirus is a life saving tool for your computer.

If you are a novice in computers, there are chances of falling into a trap by misleading marketing websites. The virus issues can affect your computers as well as your browsers.

What is the difference here between computer virus and browser virus?

Let me explain, you have the computer on which you got Windows or any other operating system installed. Web browser is a small application on your Operating system. The virus attacks start with the communication between computers. If you tried to use a shared disk drive like an external drive or an USB drive between many computers, the chances grow more to get attacked.

The USB drives like a flashdrive, pen drive and external hard drive are more sensitive to be infected. This article explains you the differences between browser virus and computer virus especially.

Computer virus is an infection that comes from an in appropriate program and it changes the behavior of your computer. For instance, you click or try to open something and it misleads or changes to the other programs is a basic infection strategy. This is called as Computer virus that changes the whole computer behavior slowly.

Browser Virus is another term used only for websites. When you surf online using any browser on your computer, the pages comes up with many popup windows and ads on it. Once you close your browser, the remaining programs works fine. This kind of scenario is called browser virus.

As explained in the above, the antivirus is supposedly required by anyone who is no good expert on computers. There are chances for even an expert to click something weird and see some unintended pages, the antivirus helps you most of the times to get out of this situations.

Is my system infected with Virus?

This is a doubt aroused when you have seen some unwanted changes on your computer. The basic reason when you got this thing in mind to know if your computer is infected with some virus, there may be a situation where something weird is happening on your computer and you would like to explore on it. We appreciate in this situation. It is definitely early thought and you must have reached to the right place to get your computer diagnosed to check if there are any infections.

Definitely one or the other virus issues arouse from any computer but that is good for you always to get them cleaned up and use your computers.

Is my computer safe and secure?

First thing here is to check if you have any antivirus is already installed on your computer and it is updated. In order to do that, open the program and select help menu icon and find an option to check for updates. Also, the alternate way is to right click on the icon of the program on your taskbar, then check for updates. Also it shows the red x on it if something is wrong or yellow shield if something is missing.